I was a professional Dancer/Singer/Actor and worked in Musical Theatre for twelve years.


During my career, injuries were inevitable and reoccurring.  I spent some time in physio, like most dancers. Fortunately I was recommended to try Hot Yoga by my physio.  Immediately i felt effect on my body.


Whilst working away on UK tours, I would seek out hot yoga in each city to keep injuries at bay.  I found my strength and muscle tone improved and found it very beneficial for calming my mind.


In 2012 i returned home, after many inspiring years in London.  I quickly realised Hot Yoga classes in Edinburgh were limited and wanted to share this specialised yoga with the city.


During my comprehensive training i was truly amazed and touched by recovery stories.  To learn just how powerful yoga practise is, has made me certain that i can help and improve lives.


I opened YGH in 2013 and can honestly say it's the best decision I have ever made.  I get my own practise in plus I have the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with others.  Watching them grow and improve fills my heart.


By 2014 I felt the hunger for learning a completely different style- “Hot Power Yoga”.  Soon after qualifying I introduced this class to YGH as Yoga’s Got Power.  It was an intensive course working on different muscle groups.  I found this style very enjoyable yet very athletic and challenging.


You can cure/improve/change your body/self through hard work and determination.  There is no easy, quick fix in life, we must earn our success and therefore be proud of our achievements.  Become a yogi and enhance your life.


I started teaching BodyBalance in 2007 whilst working as a full-time Personal Trainer as well as teaching high-intensity classes. I was amazed at how difficult but enjoyable the classes were combining Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. I developed my practice further when, in 2013, having had surgery after fracturing my Collarbone, I began attending Yoga’s Got Hot to improve my shoulder flexibility. I was instantly hooked! The gentle but powerful postures, the heat, the teachers and the lovely people that attend the classes left me with a buzz!


I joined the YGH team in November 2014 and have loved every minute of it. I look forward to keep developing my own practice and there are always old and new postures to learn and experience.


Yoga is a relationship between you and your mat. It is about body, mind and breath. It is about creating a space free from unwanted thoughts and feelings. It is a place to call yours.



I qualified as a yoga instructor in August 2015 after practicing many types of yoga over the last ten years.


My personal practise really took off when I was introduced to Hot Bikram yoga two years ago and I was instantly hooked, I was living and working in London at the time in a very stressful career and found yoga helped calm my mind and I loved seeing and feeling the changes in my body, my strength and muscle tone improved dramatically.


During my practice I would look at the yoga teachers and think to myself how rewarding it would be to do both something you loved and that would help others feel good about themselves, after working for a decade in the fashion industry in the big smoke I decided to quit the rat race and become a full time yoga teacher and holistic practitioner.


I returned home in May of this year, and in August I travelled to Malta to do my yoga teacher programme.


I am also a certified level two reiki energy healer and I'm currently undertaking my anatomy and Swedish massage diploma which I will complete next year.


I strongly believe in empowering those in my classes and privates to feel calm, centred, fit and healthy, and I particularly welcome those trying out yoga for the first time.



Yoga is her way of life. Yoga has not only allowed Helen to become a more well-balanced, healthy and peaceful person but she has also been lucky enough to have enriched the lives of others through teaching. Since becoming a yoga teacher, she has been fortunate enough to teach in beautiful New Zealand, where she has been living for the past five years. Helen has also had some incredible experiences teaching yoga in India and Uganda. She has now settled in Edinburgh where she continues to teach what she enjoys most! Through a variety of poses, and conscious sequencing, she aims to build strength, flexibility, and balance to help you undercover for yourself the benefits of yoga.

I always dreamed of being a dancer even before my first ballet class at the age of five. My dream came true and I graduated as a professional dancer and ballet teacher in the Cecchetti Syllabus in 1992. I started dancing professionally immediately after that and only stopped dancing in 2012.  I have been teaching Ashtanga since 2004 and I am still learning every day, not only through my own daily practice, but through teaching others. All our bodies are different and we have to learn to accept that on some days the body is more open than others.’ Listen to your body ‘ is an invaluable piece of advice a very loved ballet teacher once told me. My philosophy is that everyone should work at their own pace, allowing the body to slowly open. My dancing career taught me to be determined and disciplined which is something I hope to pass on to my students.  My classes focus on alignment, strength of breath combined with movement, and a dynamic flow. I hope I can share my love for Ashtanga yoga with everyone that comes to practice with me.







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