You do not need any experience to join our beginner classes. We recommend the following classes to begin with until you feel confident to try our level 2-3 classes.

If you’re after dynamic classes that will increase your heart rate, improve your strength, flexibility, balance and want to sweat, here are the following classes to try: Classic, Power (All Levels), Beginners Ashtanga, Warm Flow, Hot Flow (All Levels) & Yin Yang.

If you are after something gentle, relaxing and mindful we advise the following to begin with: Restore, Yin Yang and Nidra.



Classic is our traditional class, welcoming all levels and complete beginners. This class focuses on alignment, balancing and mat postures.

This motivating class is a fantastic class for detoxing, building strength, stamina, improving flexibility and balance sure to leave you feeling full of energy!

Practiced in temperatures of both 26° and 32°


POWER (All Levels)

Beginners and experienced yogis welcome to YGH Power classes. These classes are slower paced than our regular Power classes to gain a better understanding of postures and foundations.

Power is a cardio-yoga class strengthening and sculpting the entire body.  A great class for building stamina, core power and strength, along with yogic breathing to help oxygenate the entire body and purify and balance the nervous system.

Get strong, toned and fit in this high energy class!

Practiced in 26°



This vinyasa style class focuses on cultivating a union between breath and movement. A flowing sequence of standing postures builds heat before moving to floor postures, inversions and finally savasana. Reap the benefits of detoxification and deep stretching this environment brings.

A fun class inspired by the teacher’s personal practice, expect a different flow weekly that seeks to challenge. Strength, flexibility and focus will be nurtured in the class.

Suitable for the complete beginner or the more advanced practitioner, modifications to poses shall always be offered making this class accessible for all.

Practiced in our warm studio 26°



This energetic vinyasa based class is fast paced and challenging offering modifications for all body types and levels. If you are an experienced yogi, we will guide you to new heights. This class will improve Stamina, grace, flexibility and strength.

Learn to deepen awareness, meditation and get rid of any ego. Taking your practice to a new level.

If you are new to yoga try our Warm Flow class instead.

Practiced in 32°



A dynamic flow based on the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. This class focuses on Ujjayi breathing, allowing the breath to take to you to the next movement, almost like a dancing meditation. As well as lengthening and strengthening the legs, this sequence will also strengthen the upper body and improve overall flexibility.

If you are new to yoga try our Beginners Ashtanga class.

Practiced in room temperature 22°



Yin and Yang describe the two qualities or energies present in everything; from our food and our bodies, to the seasons and the world around us. Yin qualities can be thought of as more internal & passive while Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and energetic.

By bringing both Yin and Yang aspects in each class we can experience all the benefits of both styles and we can use these in different ways. A perfect mix if you’re after the best of both worlds. A gentle vinyasa flow sequence followed by deep stretching, relaxation and meditation.

Suitable for beginners and the experienced practitioner.

Practiced in our warm studio 26°



Yin is a slower, more passive style of yoga. This practice focuses on stretching the deep and connective tissues of the body, improving flexibility and opening up the body at the same time by working on restorative poses. Props are available to support your body allowing you to let go of all tension.

The deep sound and smells around you allows to retreat inward to re-connect, relax and restore your power and truth.

Suitable or all levels practised in our warm room temperature 24°



Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep or deep sleep. It is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Yoga Nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.

This is different to meditation, where you focus your mind, and yet allow thoughts/sensations to arise. The practice of yoga relaxation has been found to reduce tension and anxiety.

Suitable for everyone, practiced in a cosy room. Feel free to bring along a blanket and snuggle up under the stars.



There are so many benefits to practising yoga during pregnancy. The yoga postures can help relieve the physical aches and pains that naturally arise during pregnancy, offering much-needed relief for the neck, shoulders, low back, pelvis, and hips. Maintaining a steady yoga practice helps to strengthen and stabilize the body and can also be incredibly empowering, cantering, and grounding. In Prenatal Yoga, we adapt and modify the poses, pace, and style of practice to support our changing bodies and make space for our growing babies.

Another gift that yoga can offer during pregnancy is to strengthen our muscle of awareness and promote conscious relaxation. Yoga teaches us when and where to engage and how to soften, relax, and let go of any tension, grasping, or holding. Relaxation is a key skill to practice and get good at, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. This is when we need to cultivate greater awareness and develop an intimacy with our inner landscape, deepening our intuition and tapping into a powerful flow of embodied wisdom that’s uniquely available during pregnancy.


Mother & Baby Postnatal Yoga

This class is beneficial for all babies, between their 6 week check up until they start to walk, and you don’t need to practice yoga or even know anything about yoga to get started with your baby!

Our post-natal yoga class focuses on your recovery. Stretching, gentle yet challenging and progressive strengthening, tension release and relaxation. A safe space for you to focus on regaining energy, headspace & strength. You are welcome to feed, soothe, change and 'just be' with your baby.

An added bonus is that there are loads of great coffee shops nearby to head to with other mums after class!

Please bring along a blanket and toys for your baby to lie on and amuse themselves, as you enjoy some time for you again.

Practised in room temperature.

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