Lynne Duncan Yoga Instructor

Lynne Duncan

Studio Founder

I was a professional dancer/singer/actor and worked in musical theatre for twelve years.

During my career, injuries were inevitable and reoccurring. I spent some time in physio, like most dancers. Fortunately, I was recommended to try hot yoga and immediately I felt the effect on my body.

In 2012 I returned home and quickly realised hot yoga classes in Edinburgh were extremely limited and I wanted to share this specialized yoga with the city. I was very proud to open one of the first hot yoga studios in Edinburgh in 2013 and can honestly say it’s the best decision I have ever made. I get my own practice in plus I get to share this beautiful practice with others. Watching them improve, grow and change fills my heart.

My intention was to create a space that felt safe for others to come along and be themselves.

Each teacher is specially chosen for their unique style and amazing ability to connect with others.

I believe that you can cure/improve/change your body/self/life through the tools of yoga. There is no easy, quick fix in life, we must earn our success and therefore be proud of our achievements.

Become a yogi and enhance your life.

Mandy Nioi

Studio Manager

I started practising yoga in 2005 after graduating from Art College. I loved how my practice helped me navigate and manage stresses through life’s changes. I continued my career in design working as a health-care architect in Edinburgh and Australia. My passion for environment and health led me to complete a PhD and establishing a research portfolio that explored the relationships between the environment, health and wellbeing. I am a passionate advocate for yoga’s impact on physical and mental health. As the studio manager, I oversee the daily operation, as well as, researching and developing our network of excellent teaching staff and external partners. I’m proud we create a sense of community at Yoga’s Got Hot and very keen to build and nurture new working relationships – please reach out to us!

Alongside managing the studio I am set to complete my 500-hours hatha yoga teacher training with Yoga Scotland. My training provides a deep understanding of human anatomy, physiology and yogic philosophy. For me, yoga is about mindful movement in action and thought. I’ve practised yoga all over the world, including Australia, Ireland, Mexico and Canada.


Janine Kemp

Assistant Manager

I have been practising a variety of Yoga since 2008 whilst working in both the fitness and Healthcare Industry. My practice has helped me grow stronger both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to be the best person I can be. I got into Hot Yoga in 2013 after having surgery and loved everything about it. I have since had the opportunity to train in the UK and Spain with some wonderful teachers including Lynne Duncan at Yoga’s Got Hot and Javier Castro at the Yogashala Institute. I am qualified with a Level 3 Yoga Teacher Diploma and recently attained my 200-Hour Hath-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher qualification and I intend completing my 500-Hour Hatha Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga within the next twelve months.

I have been teaching at Yoga’s Got Hot since November 2014 and as I learn and grow, so too does my teaching content. My aim in every class is to give students the opportunity to explore and discover their own body and minds in a safe space. My teaching style is fun with playfulness and a strong sense of alignment designed to let you discover your own inner Yogi.

Campbell Watt

As far back as I remember, I always had a strong emotional connection with music and movement. I couldn't sit still whenever I heard music, and it became clear from very early on that my natural language was movement, and my dream was to become a professional dancer.

I began my fulltime study's at 12 years old at the Dance school of Scotland before finishing my training with a full scholarship at the prestigious English National Ballet School in London.

In my 12-year dance career have worked with the Scottish ballet Company as well as working in Germany as a soloist in both classical ballet contemporary and musical theatre companies and productions.

After retiring and moving back to the UK, I struggled to find a way of moving my body that helped keep it in an optimal state and that's when I found hot yoga and fell in love with the more powerful practices that kept my body both strong and flexible.

I went on to study anatomy and physiology and qualified as a level 3 reps personal trainer and began working in the fitness industry.

I wanted to try and combine my love for hot studio practices with my experience as a ballet dancer to create a high intensity, full-body workout that was like no other and unique to Yoga's Got Hot. This is where Ballet's Got Hot was born.


Fiona Belchamber

I was initially drawn to yoga as a physical practice, however, quickly discovered the benefits of yoga far surpassed a strong and flexible body. The calming and grounding effect yoga enriched my life with continues to be my anchor. The benefits to both mind and body, together with the continual uncovering of potential on and off the mat, are why I decided to share my love of yoga as a vocation. Yoga enlightens lives and for me to be part of your journey, is an absolute joy and privilege.

I have completed two teacher training, initially in Vinyasa Yoga, followed by Yin and Restorative Yoga. I continuously study and expand my knowledge through training and workshops. I am empowered by learning and sharing my knowledge of how our body and breath work together in unison, to help us uncover the very best version of ourselves.

My classes combine the softer, calming branch of yoga, along with creative and challenging sequencing. Sweat and fun are all part of the package! I adore guiding all levels in one class and ensure every level and everybody, is catered for.

'Yoga is not about touching your toes. It's about what you learn on the way down".

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Ashleigh Forrester

I was introduced to yoga in 2017. Coming from an athletic background, including long-distance running and powerlifting, I was left with injuries and looked for ways to help repair and heal my body. After my first Hot Power class at Yoga’s Got Hot, I was hooked. I loved the physical aspect of yoga, building more strength and flexibility. After a short time, I started to notice the effect yoga had on my mental and emotional health. Taking the tools I learned on the mat into my everyday life, I managed to open many doors and opportunities I never thought would be possible. I had a fire in my belly I had never felt before, and I knew that yoga was the thing I wanted to be able to share with others and help people see their true potential.

At the end of 2018, I completed my 200hr Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and a short while after became part of the YGH team. I enjoy teaching Vinyasa Flow and power classes. My classes are challenging, coupled with a light-hearted playfulness about them. I am passionate about helping people to feel empowered and encourage them to try something new. I’m a firm believer that we can achieve great things when we open our mind and put our heart and soul into things both on the mat and into our everyday lives.

Giada Scalise

My first encounter with yoga was in 2010 when I bought a voucher for a beginners Ashtanga yoga course. From the very first lesson, I was completely captured by the magic of yoga and have practised ever since exploring different styles and teachers.

In August 2016 I decided to fully embrace a new lifestyle and become a yoga teacher; I quit my 9 to 5 office job and head to India to carry out a multi-style 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. After that, I continued to travel and teach yoga throughout Central America furthering my teaching experience.

Since then I have gained further training in Kids Yoga (40hrs), The Rocket® (100hrs) and Seasonal Yoga (200hrs).

In 2019 I went back to India to practice for a month in Sharmila Desai’s shala in Goa and have now started practising 3rd series (Advance A) of Ashtanga.

While Ashtanga remains my first love and favourite style for my personal practice, I also teach other styles and my focus is always on creating fun, inclusive and self-loving practices.

Nadia Kramer

Ironically, I came to Yoga as a reluctant ‘last resort’ believing that I could continue pushing and ignoring the warning signs to slow down. In 2016, after landing a leading role in a musical in Miami, I hit burn out. I began experiencing panic attacks, acquired injuries in both my hamstrings and had formed an abusive relationship with my body. It was then that I began to question my crazy pace of life.

I began a programme of therapy through Yoga encouraging me to practice daily Yoga Asana and meditation. My daily practice slowly helped me to find the first tiny threads of mind and body connection that I had been replaced with mind and body war for too long. It was during this time I realised that burnout occurs when we avoid being human for too long.

My classes remind us to be the rebels of society and step off the treadmill of productivity and out of the rat race. Every single one of us is experiencing the joy and grief that comes with being alive and we all need a safe and sacred where all things are welcome; our pain, our fears, our joy, our hopes, our loves. I offer the space to slow down, release and discover inner strength. Through grounding breath work and creative, intuitive sequences I hope to nurture you to listen to the subtle feedback of the body over the noise in the mind.

I am a professional dancer and musical theatre performer and trained in Yin and Vinyasa with The Julie Montagu School of Yoga.

Stephanie Gavart

Formerly a professional Dancer & Singer, I have always loved movement. I share this love through my teaching & help people to feel at home in their bodies, no matter where they are on their Yoga journey.

I began practising Hot Yoga in 2010, as a tool to manage dance injuries & regain strength & flexibility.

I trained with Yogaworks International whilst living in France in 2017, gaining my 200-hour certificate. Since then, I have qualified in Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra, & am also a Pilates teacher.

I love being able to create a safe space for you on your mat, where you can move, breathe, wobble, fall over, laugh & live!

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