Lynne Duncan Yoga Instructor

Lynne Duncan

Studio Founder

I was a professional dancer/singer/actor and worked in musical theatre for twelve years.

During my career, injuries were inevitable and reoccurring. I spent some time in physio, like most dancers. Fortunately, I was recommended to try hot yoga and immediately, I felt the effect on my body.

In 2012 I returned home and quickly realised hot yoga classes in Edinburgh were extremely limited, and I wanted to share this specialised yoga with the city. I was very proud to open one of the first hot yoga studios in Edinburgh in 2013 and can honestly say it’s the best decision I have ever made. I get my own practice in, plus I get to share this beautiful practice with others. Watching them improve, grow, and change fills my heart.

My intention was to create a space that felt safe for others to come along and be themselves.

Each teacher is specially chosen for their unique style and amazing ability to connect with others.

I believe that you can cure/improve/change your body/self/life through the tools of yoga. There is no easy, quick fix in life. We must earn our success and therefore be proud of our achievements.

Become a yogi and enhance your life.

Kira Emslie

Hi! I'm Kira. I am a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic nutrition advisor and massage therapist. I work with people to improve self-confidence, build better relationships with their bodies and better their connection to self and others. Working with the body, breath, and nutrition can make us feel like the best version of ourselves, and my goal is to help each person feel like their best selves both in class and carried into other areas of their life. With an interest in drawing awareness into the body through breath and sensation, I tailor my classes to suit all levels of accessibility to people of all ages, bodies and abilities. I teach a variety of classes, including Power, Flow, pre & postnatal yoga, Restore and the Classic sequences bespoke to Yoga's Got Hot.


Janine Kemp

I have been practising a variety of Yoga since 2008 whilst working in both the fitness and healthcare industries. My practice has helped me grow stronger both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to be the best person I can be. I got into Hot Yoga in 2013 after having surgery and loved everything about it. I have since had the opportunity to train in the UK and Spain with some wonderful teachers, including Lynne Duncan at Yoga’s Got Hot and Javier Castro at the Yogashala Institute. I am qualified with a Level 3 Yoga Teacher Diploma and recently attained my 200-Hour Hath-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher qualification, and I intend to complete my 500-Hour Hatha Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga within the next twelve months.

I have been teaching at Yoga’s Got Hot since November 2014 and as I learn and grow, so too does my teaching content. My aim in every class is to allow students to explore and discover their bodies and minds in a safe space. My teaching style is fun with playfulness and a strong sense of alignment designed to let you discover your own inner Yogi.

Sarah Haddath

I have been a professional singer for the last 7 years.

Maintaining my health and fitness has been a key component to securing jobs and maintaining stamina on long contracts, as well as being a place to let off a little steam.

I have been practising yoga since 2014. Both yoga and singing ask us to deconstruct patterns in our bodies that have occurred due to our genetics, our lifestyle, and our environment. Delving into these patterns is an incredibly empowering and freeing tool from which everyone can benefit.

I am really excited to make you smile and sweat your way through the Classic Sequence!

See you on the mat!


Bex Hunt

I completed my 500RYT qualification in Vinyasa Yoga with Jason Crandell and I have gone on to train in Restorative Yoga as well. I was first introduced to Yoga during my professional dance training, as a complimentary form of exercise to enhance my strength and flexibility. I continued to practice yoga for its physical benefits for several years before taking a two-year break from dancing professionally. However, it wasn’t long into the break before I remembered that I loved the feeling of being connected to my body through movement, so while still needing a rest from the competitive and gruelling dance world, I went back to Yoga. This time I began to open up to the mental health benefits of Yoga, as well as the physical benefits. Through Yoga, I have learnt to be compassionate towards myself, understanding how important it is to have a space to find self-acceptance and to let go of goal seeking.

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